MoneyWise | February 26, 2019

Where is God?

Show Notes

Are you tired of battling to make ends meet every month, wishing that every month was February so there were only 28 days? Are you wondering why God is so slow to meet your needs? On this Moneywise, Rob West and Steve Moore discuss a few possibilities. 

Next, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and about the following:

  • The Bible says that the man is to be the leader in marriage so how does that apply to finances?
  • If you've buried yourself in debt, and I can’t figure a way out, how do you start?
  • If you're now responsible for the taxes on your mom's annuities after she passed away even though you're to distribute the money evenly to your siblings, what can you do?
  • If your credit card company sent you a cash rewards check last year but it never arrived and you've talked to many people at the  company without any progress, what else can you do?

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