MoneyWise | July 31, 2018

Wedding Bliss on a Budget

Show Notes

Would you believe that the average couple spends 14 months planning their wedding? That means if you want the traditional June wedding in 20-19— you’re already 3 months behind!

But no matter when you’ve scheduled your Big Day— you don’t want to go into debt just to say "I do."  On this edition of MoneyWise, how to start your marriage with minimal debt.

  • If you're in a 3-year car lease and would like to get out of it, should you buy out the lease or trade it in and buy a used car?
  • If you have too many credit cards, will closing them hurt your credit score? 
  • If you just inherited $32,000, should you put all of the money into paying your $42,000 mortgage? 
  • If you're disabled, unable to work, have accumulated a lot of debt and have an opportunity to sell your home netting about $45,000, what should you do with that money?

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