MoneyWise Live | April 8, 2019

Until Death Do Your Credit Cards Part

Show Notes

The grieving period is difficult enough for a surviving spouse … the sorrow of losing a husband or wife - funeral arrangements and financial adjustments. Adding insult to injury is a rejected credit card.  Do you know what will happen to your credit accounts if your spouse dies? Many people don’t and have to find out the hard way. Rob West has details that can make life just a bit easier during a tough time. 

  • What happens to a married couple’s credit cards when one of them goes home to the Lord?
  • What makes a thing like this happen?  Isn't the spouse a bona fide user of the card?
  • What exactly is the difference between the person who signs for the card originally and an authorized user who may be added later?
  • But the surviving spouse who’s only an authorized user COULD keep paying the bill each month and continue using the card, right?
  • How do we avoid this problem?
  • Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

If you're selling a house, how do you tithe on the proceeds?

  • Can you help set up your daughter's credit by adding her as an authorized user of your card?
  • Can you and should you take out a loan against an annuity?
  • If you have about $15,000 in credit card debt and don't know the best way to pay it down, how do you start?
  • If it's been suggested to you to use a HELOC for some extra money, should you consider it?
  • If your itemized deductions aren't larger than your standard is this year, can you accumulate these over the years and eventually take advantage of them?
  • Is it OK to give a portion of your 10% tithe to ministries instead of you local church?
  • If you're about to re-marry, how do secure some of your prenuptial assets for your son?

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