MoneyWise Live | November 21, 2018

The First Thanksgiving

Show Notes

Thanksgiving may still be two days away but that doesn’t mean we can’t begin the festivities a bit early by honoring and showing our gratitude to God who gives all things to us so generously and abundantly.  Yes, we’re so excited about Thanksgiving that we thought, “Why limit it to a single day?”  So today we give you a glimpse into what the very first Thanksgiving Day was like almost 400 years ago. 

We begin with a short segment from The Light and the Glory: God’s Plan for America by Peter Marshall and David Manuel … a great book that everyone should read.  The excerpt is about the Puritan settlers at Plymouth Plantation in what would become Massachusetts. They’d gone through very hard times and nearly half of them died during their first winter in the New World but still they were grateful.  - Narrated by Joseph Slife who does some freelance work for us MoneyWise.

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • How much money should you put into a home that you're refurbishing?
  • If the Bible warns about being rich, how does one leave an inheritance to our "children's children" without being rich?
  • If you have a mixture of pensions and a 401(k), how do you determine if you're on track for retirement?
  • If you're the guardian of a child that has pension payouts and survivors benefits that are in savings for 7 more years, how should you invest it?
  • If you have an annuity in a trust fund though a union, and have been advised to turn it over to a traditional IRA or a fixed index annuity, which would be recommended?
  • If you sold you home about a year ago and will wait for 2-3 years before you buy again, what should you do with the equity until that day?
  • How does God encourage us to save for tomorrow?

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