MoneyWise Live | September 12, 2018

The Christian Theology of Trade with Jerry Bowyer

Show Notes

Trade is in the news these days.  Everything from re-negotiating NAFTA to duking it out in a trade war with China. The Bible has many examples of trade between nations. What, then is the “Christian Theology of Trade?  God’s Word gives us a better understanding of His plan for how nations should trade with one another on this edition of MoneyWise Live with guest Jerry Bowyer.

Jerry is our resident economist at MoneyWise. He’s also chief economist at Vident Financial— a frequent contributor on the Fox Business Channel and a former adviser to the Bush White House on economic matters.

On this edition of MoneyWise Live, Rob and Steve review these topics with Jerry:

  • How Christianity has viewed trade with other nations?
  • Historically— believers have viewed trade between nations as part of God’s design.  What did they base that on? 
  • What other gifts come from nations trading with one another?
  • Theologians argued for trade. Was that true in all cases?
  • What does the Bible teach us about conducting trade?

Next, Rob and Steve answer some listener questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • Is rent-to-own a good way to buy a house?
  • If you have rental properties but they're not making enough money to keep them up, should you sell them to pay off some of the debt?
  • If you've heard that marriage couples should maintain joint checking accounts, what should you do if one doesn't keep a close eye on the accounts?
  • Is selling off everything and installing an RV on a piece of property a good idea for retirement?
  • What is a "Green Checking Account"?
  • If your husband passed away with credit card debt, should you take a loan out to pay the debt off?

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