MoneyWise Live | January 16, 2019

Take Every Thought Captive

Show Notes

2 Corinthians 10 tells us to take every thought captive to obey Christ.  But since we all have thousands of thoughts each day, exactly how do we do this?  Thanks for thinking of us and joining us for another excursion into the world of money, your life and the Bible. Rob West is your host. He’s also president of Kingdom Advisors. 

  • Ron unpacks what Paul meant by the above mentioned passage. 
  • Paul is warning the Corinthians about false apostles among them who were generating false ideas.
  • Paul knew that what you think becomes what you believe and eventually what you do.
  • We shouldn’t let ungodly thoughts run rampant in our heads to poison our hearts and ultimately our actions.
  • God’s Word isn’t telling us to think about those virtues for their own sake but because thinking about them leads to righteous behavior. 
  • It's interesting that the world has figured out what the Bible’s taught for thousands of years. Where do these negative or wicked thoughts come from?
  • What is the connection from this to money?
  • Ron summarizes what all of these verses are telling us and what the world tells us about managing money?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • Are online savings accounts as safe as brick and mortar?
  • If you're stuck with payments for a repossessed car from a previous marriage, are you responsible for paying the loan off?
  • What is the time-frame on depositing a traditional IRA into an equivalent account?
  • If you've paid off things over time and have no debt as a result but have noticed your credit score is steadily dropping because of this, what should you do?
  • What's the best way to handle God's money when experiencing financial difficulties?
  • If you have an adult son that continues to have financial problems, how can you correct the issue?
  • If you're new to investing and interesting retirement investing for someone who works for themselves, where do you start?
  • If it's been suggested you stop paying all your bills, a settlement company would take the bills and negotiate with the creditors, should you consider it?

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