MoneyWise | October 13, 2018

Rich Towards God

Show Notes

The world is obsessed with money and possessions. Some people become workaholics to build wealth while others play the lottery. But do you know what it means to be rich toward God? Here’s a hint: it’s not by building bigger barns. On this MoneyWise, Rob West and Steve Moore talk about the parable of the rich fool. 

Then, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and about the following:

  • If you and your husband are wanting to go back to school and it's going to cost $60,000, should we take out a student loan or take it out of your retirement fund?
  • According to God’s principles, what level of financial help should you offer your financially struggling grown son?  
  • If your son just asked if you should tithe from the gross or the net, what should be your answer?
  • If your car is about to hit 100,000 miles, should you trade it in while it's still worth something or should you start saving so you're ready when it needs to be replaced? 

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