MoneyWise Live | December 26, 2018

“Returnships” for Older Workers

Show Notes

The Great Recession was a tough time for workers of all ages. Layoffs were common and unemployment soared. But that dismal decade was perhaps most difficult for older workers in their mid to late careers.  But that’s changing now as employers rediscover the value of employees with experience under their belts. First up Kingdom Advisers President Rob West has good news for workers with a little grey on their heads. 

  • What is meant by the term "returnship"?
  • Who exactly are employers targeting with these returnships?
  • How widespread is this trend?
  • How long are these returnships and then the big question— do they pay?
  • How can people get more information?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you've seen that long term care insurance is going up by as much as 15%, how do you know if you really need it?
  • If you're interested in Christian health care, who should you contact?
  • If'd like a card that would work pretty much as a debit card for which you pay each month, where should you look?
  • If you're getting calls from an automobile warranty company you had previous dealings with, how can you deal with these calls and are these services needed?
  • If you find it difficult to find an investment you're comfortable with, where should you look?
  • If you have money to pay both a mortgage and a car loan but feel it would lead to trouble if you didn't have that money available, what should you do?
  • If you're working with a credit card counseling company but are receiving credits back from the original creditor, why would this be happening?
  • If you're in an extremely bad situation, terribly behind on your finances, have considered suicide, have asked God for help and are worried that nothing will bring you out of this, what should you do?

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