MoneyWise | December 18, 2018

Repaying Old Debts

Show Notes

With the economy in overdrive now, it’s easy to forget that some of us went through tough times during the great recession and not-so-great recovery.  Some 30 million Americans have at least one debt that has gone to collections, and many of us are still finding it hard to pay off even small debts.  This impacts not only our credit score but also securing a loan or even moving into a new home. God’s Word tells us we’re to pay what we owe, so Rob West and Steve Moore offer ways to do just that.

Next, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and about the following:

  • If you're retired and on Social Security and always paid your tithe on the gross amount, do you need to tithe again since you already tithed on this money?
  • Should you keep the temperature constant or adjusting it throughout the day to save on utility costs?
  • What's the difference between "credit repair companies" and "credit counseling companies"?

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