MoneyWise Live | November 1, 2018

Of Pride and Money

Show Notes

Christian tradition has seven deadly sins but one of them is often cited as the first sin that leads to all others. Pride reared its ugly head in the Garden of Eden and continues to thwart our fellowship with God to this day.  But what does thinking too highly of yourself have to do with money?  Financial planner and teacher Rob West has given this some thought and  he’ll connect the dots on this MoneyWise Live:

  • Is pride always a bad thing? Isn’t it good to take "pride" in one's work, for example? 
  • How do we know when we’re having a problem with pride?
  • How does pride relate to money?
  • Rob gives some examples of pride in your finances.
  • The Bible shows us that God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble so how do we develop humility and avoid pride— in our finances and elsewhere?

Facebook question of the day - How have you kept pride out of your finances?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you have a couple of student loans and have recently received a windfall, how do you choose which loan to pay off first?
  • If you have $66,000 of student loan debt and work a high-paying job offering the ability to pay that debt off faster, should you consider re-financing that debt through a firm like to reduce the aggregate interest rate or term?  
  • If you're investigating securing a building for your business at which you make $6,000 per quarter should you consider using part of your spouse's 401(k) funds for this?
  • How do you discern whether your actions are prideful or part of God's will?
  • Where is it recommended you save your 6 month's living expenses?
  • If you use "ACH" or "Bill Pay" to pay your bills and there's nothing left to tithe with at the end of the month, what do you do?
  • If you want to move some liquid funds into some sort of fund that realizes better interest for a 5 to 7 year horizon, what should you look at? 

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