MoneyWise | July 18, 2018

New Social Security Scams

Show Notes

Did you know the odds are better that your Social Security number has been hacked than the odds it hasn’t?  By one estimate, identity thieves have gotten hold of up to 80% of active Social Security numbers.  It’s an epidemic that has lawmakers in Washington scrambling to fix. But what can you do about it? 

Rob West and Steve Moore review the latest Social Security scams targeting individuals and Rob offers ideas aboout how to safeguard yourself against scammers. 

Next, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and about the following:

  • If you quit your job a few years before eligible for Social Security, does it significantly effect what you receive?
  • If your parents would like to start investing, what are some pointers for getting started?
  • If you're 76 years old and receive your late husband’s Social Security as income what is the best use of money from the sale of your home?

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