MoneyWise Live | July 6, 2018

Multiplication for the Right Reasons

Show Notes

Are you more left-brain or right-brain dominant?  Are you better at working out Pythagorean’s Theorem, or actually spelling Pythagorean?  Well what if you heard that the Bible encourages a certain kind of math and says those who don’t practice it are wicked and worthless?  Well, that’s a harsh message especially if you’re not math minded.  Let's see what does and doesn’t add up.

There’s strong encouragement in the Bible for us to do some multiplication when it comes to our money.  What are we talking about and where do we see this?
In Matthew 25, the Lord, wants us to be faithful with what He’s given us and to multiply
So what’s the application here for us?  God gives us many gifts and talents, and He provides for our needs.  And with each gift, He expects us to multiply it, perhaps by using a talent to bless others, or to be a wise money manager so that we can go beyond meeting our own needs and to meet the needs of others.  The main thing is that the multiplication is not for us, it’s for Him.  For His glory and His purpose.  Think about this… We’re to be pipelines… not buckets.

Getting our brains wrapped around that may be challenging for both left-brain and right-brain people, but it’s important that we do so to understand that God intends for us to be His conduits. When he provides us with money and other resources, they’re just supposed to flow through us to whatever destination He has His eyes set on so brush up on our multiplication tables.

Next, Rob and Steve tackle listener questions at 800-525-7000 and via email to on a variety of topics:

  • How can you determine how much you need to live on in retirement if you have no idea how long you're going to live?
  • If you're close to the end of your of your mortgage but really need work done on your house, should you try to get a second mortgage or refinance the mortgage?
  • If you already have 40 hour-a-week job but also work on a farm that takes a lot of time,  would it be a wise move to sell the farm and place that money on a home?
  • If you're a couple in your late 60s with no debt, $18000 in emergency funds and a net income of $4500 per month, should you consider taking on a hew home purchase at that age?
  • What advice can you give to a person who has a student loan and is new to the job field?
  • If you're a 23 year old graduate student with no debt and in very good financial shape but with no credit to speak of, should you be concerned about the prospect of buying a home with no credit score?
  • Can you expound on the differences between a Back Door Roth IRA, Mega Back Door Roth IRA?

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