MoneyWise Live | September 14, 2018

I Like Giving with Guest Brad Formsma

Show Notes

The subject of giving is a big one in the Bible.  We’re told to be joyful givers, to give generously and to do our giving as unto the Lord.  But here’s the strange thing about giving…more blessings come from giving than receiving.  Do you like giving?  Well our guest does - so much so, that’s the title of his Book.  Author of "I Like Giving— The Transformative Power of a Generous Life", Brad Formsma joins Steve Moore and Rob West on this edition of MoneyWise Live.

Where does giving start?

  • It starts with God who gave us life. 
  • Then God gives us his son Jesus as the way to salvation.
  • Then as a reflection of Him, He commands us to generous.

Today’s guest is Brad Formsma.  Brad left his successful business to work full time to help and encourage others to give and to be generous.  He and his wife Laura have three children and live in Southern California.  His website is  Rob asks Brad these and other questions:

  • Where did you get this love of Giving come from?
  • What happens to us when we give?
  • Can you make a difference even with a little?
  • Why don’t we give?
  • What if I can’t afford to give?
  • How have your raised your kids with this message?
  • What if I don’t “feel” generous?
  • What if one spouse wants to give and the other doesn’t?

Next, Rob and Steve answer this question at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you give but don't give as much as you'd like because you have a lot of debt, how do you handle feeling "tight" on finances?

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