MoneyWise Live | December 7, 2018

Holding Too Much Company Stock

Show Notes

A single Bible verse may contain the most valuable piece of investing advice ever given. Ecclesiastes 11:2 says, “Give a portion to seven, or even to eight, for you know not what disaster may happen on earth.”  That’s the principle of diversification but do we always invest that way? On this MoneyWise Live, Rob West discusses the possibility of an exception to the diversification rule? 

  • Is there such a thing as an exception to the diversification rule?
  • What stock could have so much hold over people that they they just can’t resist buying dangerous amounts of it for their 401ks.
  • How widespread is buying company stock today?
  • Because of the incentives to work, we always hear that it’s good for employees to be shareholders in their company. Is this not the case?
  • Could one reason employees over-buy company stock is because they see the top executives doing it?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you just starting your first job, how do you get started establishing your credit?
  • If you've amassed some credit card debt and interest is about to kick in, what's the first step in remediation?
  • If you have about $6,000 debt that has been around for quite a while, is it OK to suspend giving until you have it paid off?
  • If you're 61 years old and the beneficiary of about $1.6 million, is it possible to just live off the inheritance with no other source of income other than Social Security?
  • What do you do if someone has set up an account in your name at a jewelry store and charged $10,000?
  • If you have $1,300 maturing soon, how do you make the decision of putting it in a savings account, padding your emergency account or into a CD?
  • Should you pay off a mortgage on a property that you want to make a rental LLC?

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