MoneyWise Live | August 24, 2018

God’s Financial Blessings and Corrections

Show Notes

If we really want to serve God with our finances and reflect Him with our choices, then it stands to reason we should be ready to accept his blessings when we're faithful.  But are we also willing to accept his correction when we fall short?  Being corrected is rarely … comfortable, but God's correction is for our ultimate benefit.  On this episode of MoneyWise Live, Rob West unpacks some of the ways God blesses and disciplines us to get us on the right path to being Godly stewards.

We often talk about the fact that following God's financial principles just makes sense.  God knows what he's talking about.  He owns it all anyway, and when we follow his instructions on how to manage His stuff, we generally prosper.  What we don't mention as much, though, is that God also has ways of correcting us when we get off track.

God's blessings and His corrections related to the way we handle money aren't always financial blessings or corrections.  So what I want us to do is recognize that the principles taught in scripture apply to many aspects of life, but that includes how we handle money.

What are some of the verses in the Bible where we see God both blessing and withholding blessing depending on whether His people were obeying His commands or not?

  • Deuteronomy 28 verse 1
  • Deuteronomy 28 verse 15
  • Samuel 2, verse 30

Some of the practical ways that we're blessed and some of the ways we're corrected:

  • When we live within our means, when we plan for how we'll spend and how we'll give, when we save for the future, good things happen.  It's not even supernatural.  It's just a matter of following God's very practical plan.  On the supernatural side of things, though, it's not uncommon for God to increase what we have.  When we're faithful with a little amount, He puts us in charge of more.  This often is a financial blessing, but not always.
  • When we live beyond our means, when we fail to save for the future, when we fail to be generous, bad things happen. Again, there's nothing supernatural about this part either.  When you live beyond your means, you're relying on the future to pay for today… we're essentially mortgaging the future.  That usually means using the credit cards to pay for things you don't have enough money for.  Your debt builds up.  The pressure to keep paying the bills each month increases.

The reason we follow God's principles is not because it's a formula for financial success. Although following God's principles puts you in a position for success, but that is not the goal. The goal is a posture of Christ-likeness… intimacy with Him. That is ultimately what we are pursuing.

Next, Rob and Steve tackle listener questions at 800-525-7000 and via email to on a variety of topics:

  • If you're wanting to sell your house and it needs new windows, how much would a new set of windows typically re-coup?
  • If you're age 49 and about to sell your house netting $175,000 after buying a new house with future husband, what's the best way to invest the proceeds?
  • If your mother just went into a nursing home and has money she'd like to pass on to her children, is there a limitation on this regarding medicare?
  • Can you explain "mortgage release" and "short sell"?
  • If you were executor of someone's estate and had $1000 of credit card debt forgiven, was that the biblical thing to do?
  • If you're 62, retired and have $250,000 in a retirement account, can you give $10,000 to each of your 5 children and invest the remaining $200,000?
  • If you realize the Bible states that God loves a cheerful giver but you have a problem being one, how do you fix that?
  • If your employer is switching to a new retirement plan and are offering a distribution to either rollover, lump sum payout or monthly payments, which should you choose?

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