MoneyWise Live | October 30, 2018

Godly Financial Advice

Show Notes

They say a lawyer who handles his own case has a fool for a client. Sometimes we need help from others to make wise decisions and that’s especially true for managing money. How, then, to find a godly financial adviser?   On this MoneyWise Live, finding someone who shares your biblical worldview and can also give you great practical advice. Financial planner and teacher Rob West is certainly one of those individuals and he’ll tell you how to find others. 

  • Why is it important to find a Christian financial adviser?
  • On the practical side of things, you mentioned competence.  How do you determine a prospective advisor is competent?
  • How many should you interview and how do you narrow the field?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you run a business, should you tithe off your business income or your personal income?
  • If you and your spouse have a couple of credit cards on 0% interest and enough funds in savings to pay them off, should you wait to pay them off?
  • If you have no debt other than a mortgage and you could pay it off from a 401(k) at age 59 1/2, should you do this?
  • At what age should a young person learn to pay attention to your credit rating?
  • What happens to the son or daughter of an indigent person regarding their debt?
  • Should you tithe on income tax refunds?
  • Does the same rule for humans apply to churches regarding debt?
  • If you moved most of the money out of your 401(k) into an annuity and have about $19,000 left in it, with the unstable market, should you move the remaining money into something less risky?
  • If you missed filing your taxes last year because of health issues, what should you do now that your health is better?
  • Does it adversely affect your credit score to buy about $1,100 of goods per month, then pay it off each month when the statement arrives?

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