MoneyWise Live | October 23, 2018

God Is Testing You with Mark Biller

Show Notes

Believers by definition trust the Lord for their eternal salvation yet at the same time so many of us find it impossible to trust God for our earthly provision to believe in His promise that He’ll meet all of our needs. But God in His infinite wisdom has provided the solution to this lapse in faith. Rob West talks with Sound Mind Investing Executive Editor Mark Biller about growing your faith in the Lord to provide. 

  • Mark elaborates on a recent article in the Sound Mind Investing newsletter “Foundational Pillars of Christian Stewardship” about learning to trust God with your finances and the scriptural foundation for doing so.
  • A lot of believers find it difficult to turn their finances over to God but in your article you say the solution is counter-intuitive - giving. 
  • How do we know that money is not only as a test of our trust but also of our allegiance?
  • Why do you suppose God has made this test so practical?
  • Finally, Mark talks about the uncertainty in the market today.

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you are used to tithing but your spouse isn't, what should you do?  money and marriage
  • What does the Bible say about playing the lottery?
  • If you're a rental property owner, how do you calculate your tithe?
  • A caller offers advice on making giving personal.
  • If you come from a family that hasn't set much an example of investing and saving, what are the steps to get started?
  • If you have a car loan at $3800, $10,000 savings, you're expecting your first child and your wife may stay home, should you pay off the car loan with the savings?

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