MoneyWise Live | October 8, 2018

Five Wise Principles with Ron Blue

Show Notes

It’s a funny thing about God’s financial principles.  Not only are they timeless and true but they transcend all circumstances. The Bible’s teaching about money is always spot on whether you make a little or a whole lot.  On this edition of MoneyWise Live, Rob West joins author and speaker Ron Blue to look at five wise principles to help you be a faithful steward of God’s resources. 

Ron’s latest book is Never Enough and besides forming Kingdom Advisers in 2003— he’s the guy who hired Rob West many years ago!

  • Ron Blue shares a great story in Never Enough about being put on the spot.
  • Then, Ron elaborates on how “spend less than you earn,” how is really a foundation stone for wise financial lives.
  • Next, he discusses principle to “avoid debt”.
  • Then he talks about “saving for the unexpected”.
  • Finally, Ron discusses points on how to “Give generously”.

Then Steve and Rob take your money questions at 800-525-7000. 

  • Is there a way to get "mailbox" income without going into debt?
  • Is it better to use regular credit cards or prepaid to assist in building your credit score?
  • If you're receiving an inheritance and want to honor God with it's use, what are some good steps to take?  
  • If you're about to get married and currently have separate finances, do you just close the separate accounts and combine everything? 

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