MoneyWise Live | February 22, 2019

Financial “To-Do” List

Show Notes

So you think you’ve done everything you can to right your financial ship … you’ve created a spending plan and started paying down debt …  you’ve even learned to say no sometimes to impulse buying. Good for you. That’s a great start.  So are you ready for some new challenges? Kingdom Advisers President Rob West has a financial “to do” list of things to help put you more “in the black,” some you probably haven’t thought of. 

What are some ways to improve our finances that we might not have considered?

  • A complete shopping ban.
  • Sell stuff. (Remember the spending ban after you get the money). 
  • Try to live on one income.
  • If you haven’t made a commitment to be a regular percentage giver to your church— now’s the time to take that step. The tithe of course is just a starting point. 
  • If you haven’t developed a spending plan— you need to do that today.

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If your mom is about to transfer her home to you, how does it affect you from a financial and a tax standpoint?
  • If you have about $15,000 in a 529 for your daughter but she's getting scholarships awarded, should you stop your regular contributions to the account?
  • If you're a recent college graduate, working full-time, where should you invest in the market?
  • If you're a saver but your husband's a spender and you're thinking about separating your bank accounts because of this, is this wise?
  • What is the best way to cancel department-store credit cards you don't use without affecting your credit score?
  • If you're 51, recently re-married, working on a budget and have credit card debt that you're paying off with auto-pay at a much higher rate than the minimum, how can you get to 10% tithing level?
  • If you're selling your parent's house for them, where should you store the proceeds from the sale?
  • If your spouse passes away, will you be able to use or access their credit card?
  • Are there credit cards that allow joint owners so your wife can build credit with your help?
  • Should you grandson get a "prepaid credit card" or a "secured card" to assist him set up credit?
  • If you receive a solicitation from a credit card company, should you act on it or do your research on card companies first?

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