MoneyWise Live | December 12, 2018

Economics in the Magnificat with Jerry Bowyer

Show Notes

As we get closer to Christmas and the birth of Jesus the the spotlight also falls on Mary the mother of Jesus.  On this MoneyWise Live, the spiritual and economic theme in Mary’s Magnificat.  We examine an interesting passage of Scripture that foretells the birth of Jesus but also includes curious economic language. Host Rob West explores this with economist Jerry Bowyer. When we asked Jerry Bowyer to talk about Christmas and economics, we knew he’d come up with something interesting and he’s certainly delivered today - an economic theme related to the Gospel.

  • A lot of folks will read the Christmas Story in Luke Chapter 2 but Jerry talks about something that happens in Luke just before that, in Chapter 1...  
  • Then, Rob quizzes Jerry on these topics:
    • What about Jesus’ actual birth in Bethlehem, is there “Money Wisdom” to find there? 
    • What about the period after Jesus’ birth? His purification, for example? 
    • Does that idea about buying and offering doves come up again in the Bible?
    • Not everyone was like the shepherds, who welcomed Jesus into the world. Some were troubled, even enraged. Was there a money motive for this as well?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you've just had your first baby, your annual income is $43,000, you're $35,000 debt and your monthly obligations total $3,500, how can you rise above what seems like a rat race?  
  • If you're in retirement age and have many annuities, retirement accounts and cash but are unsure if some consolidation is necessary, how do you manage this?
  • Can you relate what the Ken Fisher five pitfalls to mutual funds are or just provide some generic pitfalls to mutual funds?
  • If you opened a HELOC a few years ago, then had the need to replace your furnace and now have a  balance of $5,100 and have been making minimum payments and are getting nowhere, is there a better place to move this debt?
  • If we're under New Testament law instead of Old, why do we default to the 10% tithe since the New Testament seems to suggest a higher amount?

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