MoneyWise | February 7, 2019

Don't Wait 'Til Spring to Buy a House

Show Notes

Are you thinking of buying a house but you’ve been putting it off because it’s just not the right time of year? The real estate season doesn’t start until spring! Well, that’s old school. There’s no reason not to buy a house now.  In fact, the dead of winter might just be the best time of year to buy a house for several reasons. Our host, financial planner and teacher Rob West is ready to share them with you. 

Then he takes your questions at 800-525-7000 or via email to about the following:

  • I have an opportunity to learn how to invest in penny stocks. Is it fair to invest at the ground level and sell everything once the stocks go up?
  • I have a home equity line of credit at 4.4%. I’m only going to be in my home for 2 years. Should I refinance?
  • I purchased a car in April and I’m concerned I need to pay it off quickly because it has such a high interest rate. Should I take money out of my retirement account to pay it off?
  • I have a home equity line of credit with an adjustable interest rate. Should I refinance?
  • I have a home-based business. What are the benefits I can look for in terms of tax deductions? 

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