MoneyWise Live | February 7, 2019

Don’t Wait ‘Til Spring To Buy a House

Show Notes

Are you thinking of buying a house but you’ve been putting it off because it’s just not the right time of year? The real estate season doesn’t start until spring! Well, that’s old school. There’s no reason not to buy a house now.  In fact, the dead of winter might just be the best time of year to buy a house for several reasons. Our host, financial planner and teacher Rob West is ready to share them with you. 

  • We’re going out on a limb a bit here telling folks this is may be the best time of year to buy a house.  how can that be?
  • Why is winter is a great time to house hunt?
  • Wouldn’t there be fewer houses on the market to choose from in the winter?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you're 55, no family and currently rent, should you be dead-set on owning a home?
  • Can you rebuild your credit with a credit card if you're not currently reducing your student debt because of your reduced payment plan?
  • What is the best way to help a couple get started financially?
  • Is it wise to use an electronic password manager for your financial logins?
  • If you have extra money in your credit union that is earning very little interest, where should you look to put this money?
  • If you're young, just out of school and planned on knocking down your debt as quickly as you can but heard from a financial advisor to make minimum based payments, should you believe him?
  • If you have a lot of equity in your home, would it be a good idea to use that to reduce some credit card debt?

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