MoneyWise | December 27, 2018

Common Budget Questions

Show Notes

Are you winging it with your finances? With a new year upon us, it might be time to take charge of your finances and prepare a spending plan, a.k.a. a budget. Budgeting can feel restrictive but it can do wonders for your overall financial picture. Rob West and Steve Moore cover the most commonly asked questions with regards to budgeting. Next, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and about the following:

If you take care of a disabled lady who lives on $639/month who recently sold her home for $45,000, what’s the best way to invest this money for her?

If you used to have a high credit score, but in the past two years and due to some poor choices, your score has dropped to the 650 and you're in debt and living on credit, should you declare bankruptcy?

If you received an offer saying you qualify for the Student Loan Forgiveness program,should you take them up on the offer?

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