MoneyWise Live | July 5, 2018

Can You Finish What You Start?

Show Notes

Have you ever gone to a meeting or conference, gotten all enthused and then gone home committed to make some changes… only to fall back into the same old patterns?  In this show, how to finish what you start - asking God to help us understand his plan for us and how to stick to it.

Guest Howard Dayton offers these tips on how to know God's plan for us and how to stick to it:

  • Rely on God's power.  You have to be filled daily with the Holy Spirit, not trying to walk in your own power.
  • Decide to act on what you know.  Jesus said, the wise man is the one who "hears these words of mine and put them into practice..."  Matt 7:24
  • Become Accountable. Let others know of your new commitments and new zeal.  What He is doing in your life will be contagious.

Next, Rob and Steve tackle listener questions at 800-525-7000 and via email to on a variety of topics:

  • If you're retired with no earned income but have a desire to keep tithing, how do you base your giving?
  • How do go from hand-to-mouth to a constant way of saving?
  • If you're in good financial condition with no debt and a home mortgage at 4.5%, what should you do with extra money each paycheck besides contributing 2% into a 401(k) and tithing at church?
  • If you're in a 3 year car lease with a $21000 pay off and a trade in value at $1500 less, and want to be debt-free, should you buy out the lease or trade it in and get a used car?
  • If you've accumulated a lot of credit cards that you really don't need, does closing those cards affect your credit rating?
  • With little debt and enough savings for 6-8 months, if you've just inherited $32,000 and owe $42,000 on a mortgage at 3.75% , should you consider paying the mortgage off?
  • If the IRS has placed a lien on your father's house, what's the best procedure to avoid any penalties?
  • How do you calculate how much life insurance you should buy if you have 13 children?

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