MoneyWise Live | March 5, 2019

Biblical Principles for Building a Business with Ron Blue

Show Notes

With the economy roaring back— more people are getting the entrepreneurial itch. In fact, a recent survey shows two-thirds of Americans dream of someday opening a small business. But will they get it started the right way?  It’s not all about finding customers and figuring cash flow. Those things are important but not the bedrock to build a business on.  Rob West talks with Kingdom Advisers founding director Ron Blue about biblical principles for building a business. 

Rob discusses these topics with Ron Blue:

  • Successful bottom line isn't the only way we should measure the success of a business, is it?
  • One of the first questions we need to answer when thinking about starting any kind of business is - is it business or ministry? What do you mean by that?
  • What are some of the biblical principles we can apply to building any business?
  • In 1979 you wrote, “To help Christians plan and manage their finances in order to free up financial resources for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.” With God’s help you certainly achieved that. How important is it for Christians starting a business to have a mission statement?
  • You use Nehemiah as a model for starting a business. Tell us about that … 
  • Should Christian business owners be overt about their faith in the marketplace?
  • How are Christians in business uniquely suited to witnessing for Christ?
  • If we’re thinking of starting a business, how do we make sure we bring God into the process?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If you and your spouse had a credit card account in his name and he passed away leaving unpaid debt, are you responsible for this debt?
  • How can you find out more about savings account banking online?
  • If you have a home worth about $380,000 with a mortgage balance of $225,000, should you refinance to pay off about $50,000 of credit card debt? 
  • If your daughter and boyfriend have saved about $30,000 and are presently in college for about 2 more years, should they put into house to save rent while finishing college?
  • How do you know when you have enough money in your 401(k)?
  • If you're struggling with monthly payments and are having a difficult time tithing because of this, what should you do?

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