MoneyWise Live | February 20, 2019

Assets for a Purpose

Show Notes

This edition of MoneyWise Live comes from beautiful Orlando, Florida at the 20-19 Annual Conference of Kingdom Advisers— folks committed to helping you manage the resources God’s entrusted to you.  As far as the eye can see we have the nation’s top Christian financial advisers. Our host is Rob West— president of Kingdom Advisers. We’ll talk first today with our old friend Howard Dayton about the plan God has for your money. Howard Dayton’s been advising folks on handling finances God’s way for over 30 years now.  His small group study, Charting Your Legacy dovetails nicely with everything Kingdom Advisers is about. On this MoneyWise Live, we talk about one lesson he has in there - God entrusts us with assets for a purpose. Rob discussed this lesson and touches on these topics with Howard:

  • How does that make us different from the culture?
  • We know it's true that God is the owner of everything, but sometimes it’s difficult to imagine that God has a plan and a purpose for us. Maybe we don’t have very much money— or we’re not highly skilled. What do you say to those people?
  • We've all heard that God has a plan and purpose for our money but if you don't have much money or you're not skilled at managing money, how do you understand that your money is something God has a plan for?
  • And how do you know what the purpose of your money is?
  • When you start comparing yourself with others, how do you maintain contentment?
  • What are the benefits of creating financial goals?

Next, Rob and Steve answer these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at

  • If recently had a fraudulent transaction in your checking account and you're about to receive a large amount of money from a life insurance policy, how do you go about putting that is a more secure environment?
  • If you're 55 and you've been the option between a traditional 401(k) or a Roth 401(k), how do you decide?

What are some ways to check out a charity before giving?

  • If you have a HELOC and some credit card debt at 8% from home renovations, plan to stay at the house you're in now, should you finance the home to pay these off or just add it to the HELOC?
  • If you're age 70 and unemployed, have a mortgage with a $50,000 balance, a truck on which you owe $25,000, have $25,000 in money market account and will be receiving $54,000 soon, what is some advise to keep everything under control financially?

Next, John Rinehart, founder of Gospel Patrons— a worldwide organization dedicated to helping business leaders fuel movements that advance God’s Kingdom joins Steve and Rob and touches on these topics:

  • How did Gospel Patrons come to be?
  • We all know about heroes of the faith like William Tyndale, George Whitefield and John Newton— but most of us only know half of their stories. Fill us in…
  • You think business leaders have a special calling.  Why is that?
  • We hear so much about the decline of western civilization … that we are now living in a “post-Christian” world. Your ministry vision runs completely counter to that. How is God calling you?

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