MoneyWise Live | October 1, 2018

Age Specific Guides with Kristen Ivy

Show Notes

If communication is the key, then it’s especially true for instilling the right values in your children. So are you having the right conversations with your kids about authentic faith, sexual integrity and of course, finances?  Knowing when and how to teach biblical principles to your children can be a challenge for parents. Rob West tackles that today with Kristen Ivy of Parent Cue - the best-selling author of more than two dozen books on child development and teaching Christian values to children. 

  • In her conversation with Rob, Kristen suggests being proactive rather than reactive and having more intentional conversations with kids.
  • She gives us counsel for parents regarding instilling responsibility in our kids lives.
  • Kristen also talks about allowing kids to fail and, if they are resistant, how to encourage them to participate.
  • Then she discusses her “life maps” to equip parents and how they work and finally, she discusses the concepts of "imagining the end", "mapping a strategy", 'understand this phase" and 'anticipating what’s next".

Then Rob takes your money questions at 800-525-7000.

  • How do you set up a trust to allow equitable distribution to your children?
  • If it's been suggested to you to reduce your tithing to catch up with outstanding debt, what does the Bible say about this?  
  • If you want to get rid of some credit card debt, should you consider taking money out of your home by refinancing?
  • If you recently heard a commercial advertising oil stock for sale, should you think about buying it?
  • How do you determine when it's cost-effective to drop full-coverage auto insurance?
  • Is having a 20% down-payment a hard-and-fast rule or can you enter into a mortgage with a little less like 18%?
  • If you have about $10,000 in debt, should you borrow money from your 401(k) to pay it off?

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